Study a Verse

select & study

Users can quickly access information about a particular verse.

  1. Open "Bibles" from side navigation menu

  2. Select a book

  3. Select a chapter

  4. Select a verse

  5. Select a feature, as illustrated from this screenshot.

Available options are:

  • Compare All Versions

  • Cross References

  • TSK (Enhanced)

  • Translations

  • Discourse Analysis

  • Individual Words

  • TDW Combo

  • Bible Commentary Smart Indexes

  • Bible Version Comparison

  • Parallel Display

  • Word Difference

Quick access

You can quickly access a verse action from side navigation menu. Choose an action from the selection menu, as illustrated from the screenshot above.

select an action

Select an action to launch a resource on a particular verse.


You can also quickly access resources on a particular verse via a single-click or a double-click on a verse number.