own a Chromebook?

Latest chrome os supports running Android app, so you may run Android version of "Unique Bible App" or "Unique Bible App Plus" on your chromebook.

Install Android apps on your Chromebook [by Google]

tips for chromebook users:

You may find some chromebooks' touchpad does not scroll properly. You may want to turn on "Tap to drag" in chromebook's "settings" to scroll the bible text easily with the touch pad.

As illustrated in the following screenshot:

  1. Go to "Settings".
  2. Seach for "Touchpad".
  3. Open "Touchpad" settings.
  4. Turn on "Enable Tap Dragging" feature.

This allows you to double-tap on a point and drag from that point. With this feature enabled, you can double-tap and drag upwards / downwards with touchpad in place of scrolling.

Have an issue with "Bible Audio" in Chrome OS?

Read HERE for trouble-shooting bible audio in Chrom OS.