quick access to is one of our ONLINE bible app, sharing marvellous biblical resources.



  • "Default Marvel Bible", which users assign in "Settings", is first opened at launch.
  • As John 3:16 was previously selected, Marvel Annotated Bible is opened at John 3:16 automatically.
  • This gives users instant access to linguistic annotations of a specific verse.


  • In addition to "Default Marvel Bible" assigned in "Settings", you can use the navigation menu of Marvel.Bible to open other resources.

default module

You can change the default module in "Settings".

Opening Marvel.Bible content on a separate browser gives users flexibiblity for multi-tasking on a small screen. There is an extra option for "Plus" version users. Marvel.Bible content is integrated into "Workspace" when "Big Screen Layout" is turned on. This takes advantage of large screen size of iPads / Android tablets / chromebooks, allowing users to read Marvel.Bible resources along with other resources on "Unique Bible App Plus".

Internet required

Remarks: This feature requires internet connection to https://Marvel.Bible

Without internet connection, you may get a message similar to this screenshot on the left.