from Android (DIRECT)

You can back up your notes from Android DIRECTLY:

  1. Install a Android file manager app. In our example, we use "Total Commander", which is both free and good.

2. When you first open "Total Commander", select "Allow" for enabling the app to access your files.

3. Select "Internal shared storage"

4. Select "Android" > "data" > "Installed apps"

5. For the first time you open "Installed apps", the app ask for your permission for access, select "YES" to the popup message.

6. On folder "Android > data", select "Use this folder"

7. Select "Allow" to grant permission to the app for file access.

8. Locate the folder of "app.bibletools.unique_bible_app..." and open it.

9. Open "files"

10. Locate the file "Notes.sqlite", which contains your bible notes.

11. Long press the file. From the action menu, you can back up this file by copy / send / share ...