Select a verse

you can select a verse for futher studies

when a verse is selected

2 Visual Effects:

  • The selected verse is highlighted with color.
  • The selected verse is scrolled to the top of the screen.

4 Practical Effects:

  • The reference of a selected verse is automatically added to "History"
  • "Instant Action", as defined in "Settings", is triggered instantly upon the selection.
  • You can access your "Favourite Action", as defined in "Settings", by touching once more on an "already-selected" verse.
  • Some features, which are accessible through bottom bar, are context-sensitive. They are "Bible Topics", "Bible People", "Bible Locations", "Cross-references", "Version Comparison", "Instant Interlinear". When you work with these bottom bar features, you need to select a verse on the main screen first to get results, which are most relevant to the verse you select.