you can search in different ways

Plain text

Enter text in search field and hit enter.

regular expression

Search with regular expression is supported. Very flexible, indeed.

Search in a book

In this example, enter "John:::Jesus Chirst" to search for "Jesus Christ" only in the book of John.

search in books

In this example, enter "Matthew, John:::Jesus Chirst" to search for "Jesus Christ" in both John and Matthew.

Search for a verse reference

Common abbreviations are supported. For examples, Rom = Rm = Romans, Ge = Gen = Genesis, Joh = Jn = John, etc.

search for multiple verse references

As you may noted in this screenshot, a range of verses is supported, e.g. Gen 1:1-2; Eph 1:1-3, etc.


  • Search results are automatically stored when you selected one of the results.
  • The saved results are avaiable next time you touch the "Search" button again.
  • "Regular expression" is automatically turned on for all searches. You may want to use "\" to escape special characters, like "." or "?", in some cases.