1. Side navigation button - open side navigation drawer.

  2. Command input - Unique Bible App supports single-line commands to navigate between resources. Enter a command here and press an enter key to launch a feature or open a resource for study. The simplest and most common ones are bible passages like "John 3:16; Rm 5:8". Entering a passage manually may be quicker than using bible selection menu to open a passage. If entered words are not formatted as a UBA command, the app searches the opened bible for the entered words rather than running a command. Therefore, you may quickly search the bible by entering search words in this input. For details, users may read our manual about UBA commands. You do NOT need to learn all commands, as we provide links to common features via side navigation menu.

  3. Enter key - submit command entered into command input.

  4. New window opener - run entered command in a new window / tab.

  5. QR code generator - generate a QR code linked to the opened content. This feature could be useful, for example, in a bible study group. A leader opens a bible passage or biblical resource via web version, generates a QR code and shows everyone in the room. All others can connect or open to the same resource instantly by scanning the code.

  6. QR code scanner - scan a QR code and open the link in the QR code directly. For example, a leader in a bible study group uses the QR code generator mentioned above to generate a QR code on a particular passage. Other participants in the group can use QR code scanner to scan the code given by the leader, so that everyone in the same group can open the same passage quickly.

  7. Bible selection button - open menu to select a bible passage (book > chapter > verse).

  8. Content area - the main area to display content.