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upper section

The following order describe items arranged from left to right and from top to bottom.

middle section

  • Bibles 🔎︎ - bible features and search menu. You can use it to open a bible passage, select a book / chapter / verse feature, or search bibles.

  • Commentaries - open bible commentary menu, via which you can specify a passage and open a commentary about it.

  • Library - display lists of installed resources, sorted by categories.

  • Timelines - open a list of bible timelines.

  • Bible Names - open a list of bible names, together with their meanings.

  • Bible Characters - open the content page of Exhaustive Library of Bible Characters.

  • Bible Locations - open the content page of Exhaustive Library of Bible Locations.

  • Bible Topics - open a list of bible topics, linked to different resources.

  • Bible Parallels - collection of bible parallel passages.

  • Bible Promises - collection of bible promises.

  • Search 🔎︎ - display searchable resources and provide interface for searches.

  • Download - display downloadable resources. You can simply click a link to install a resource.

  • UBA commands - display an annotated list of available commands. Read more HERE.

  • User Manual - open external link to user manual.

Bottom section

  • 繁體中文 - Traditional Chinese interface.

  • 简体中文 - Simplified Chinese interface.

  • English - English interface.