Web Version

Unique Bible App - web version

Web version shares the same codes and resources with the desktop version. Both are developed in a single project [https://github.com/eliranwong/UniqueBible]. Web version uses web browser as an interface to access and interact with UBA resources, whereas desktop version uses classic desktop graphical user interface for the same purpose. Basically, web version covers more than 50% of desktop version features. Its interface is simplier compared to the desktop version. With web version, you can launch UniqueBible.app simply with a web browser. As web browser is available in most computers and mobile devices, you can play UBA anywhere you like.


The following manuals use https://bible.GospelChurch.uk setup as an illustration.

Example used in this manual

Special thanks to Oliver Tseng for providing web server hosting this website.

Offline Installation

You can run web version both online and offline.

To install on Windows / macOS / Linux / Chrome OS, CLICK HERE for instructions.

To install on mobile devices, CLICK HERE for instructions.